Whats The Purpose Of Your Business?

What is the purpose of business?

purposeDo you feel that your current business is a true reflection of the authentic you? That the purpose of business that you currently have, speaks to the essence of you?


Is the voice of your business what you desire people to hear, or is there huge gap to overcome before your business has the gift of your voice, delivering your message in a way that works for you?

What if you could create the business you desire…and have it contribute to you in ways that go beyond what “business experts” would say is possible, including gifting you more money than you can imagine?

So I’ve been studying various aspects of business, marketing and sales for over 16years and many ways of teaching have been dry, boring and WORST OF ALL not relevant to me and how I choose to create.

I’m Not interested the “right” way to do business.

Nor was Sir Richard Branson or Dame Anita Roddick (Body Shop creator) and many other legendary creators.

They did what worked for them. They created their businesses in ways that made the “experts” sneer.

They followed the energy of what was true for them.

Did the business communities cheer them on for their innovation and creativity?

Not on your nelly!

Especially not at first.

They were ostracised and told how wrong they were. That the way they were doing things wasn’t the proper way to create a business.

Not because they were doing anything illegal or shady, just because it wasn’t the “normal” way of doing business. And people don’t like it when you step out of the norm.

Until they LOVE you for being different, that is.

Until they recognise the value and the gift in you being willing to be as different as you truly are.

Until they recognise that your willingness to be different could be what is desperately needed in this world to make THE difference that this world requires.

What is the purpose of your business?

Did you go into business to “fit in” to other people’s pigeon holes of you?

Or did you choose to create a business because you wanted something more, you had an important message for the world, a burning desire to share something of value that refused to be pigeon holed, restrained or boxed up?

Whatever the purpose of your business is, would you like to create it as more?

There are ways to create and run successful, profitable businesses that flow with the energy of what desires to be created.

Richard Branson

You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.

the purpose of business

“A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts.”


This energy isn’t linear and without supportive tools it can seem haphazard and alarming.

The trick is to not let that put you off.

Learning to trust your instinct and go with what you know to be the direction that will create the most takes guts.

It takes vision and the willingness to fail.

That’s were systems, support network and tools come in handy to give you and your business strength, structure and the flexibility to flow no matter how choppy the water gets!

Anita Roddick

The original Body Shop was a series of brilliant accidents. It had a great smell, it had a funky name. It was positioned between two funeral parlours—that always caused controversy. It was incredibly sensuous. It was 1976, the year of the heat wave, so there was a lot of flesh around. We knew about storytelling then, so all the products had stories. We recycled everything, not because we were environmentally friendly, but because we didn’t have enough bottles. It was a good idea. What was unique about it, with no intent at all, no marketing nous, was that it translated across cultures, across geographical barriers and social structures. It wasn’t a sophisticated plan, it just happened like that.”

What magic that is the essence of you, do you have to contribute to your business?

Conventional ways of doing business tend to stamp out the magic for the logical, the sensible, the rational.

Is it irrational to want to change the world?

irrational purpose of business

What if irrational is exactly what your business needs?

Creation isn’t logical, rational or sensible.

If you’re looking to be ordinary, mediocre and not stand out, then I’m surprised you’ve read this far!

But if you desire your business to be OUTstanding, exceptional and remarkable, you’re in the right place.

As Richard Branson says in his blog

“Business really does have the power to make the world a better place. Only by coming together will we be able to solve the big problems of our time.

What is your business doing to change the world? ”

To create an outstanding, exceptional business, something different is required.

Something EXTRA ordinary.

Something magical, something different and let’s face it, different is weird.

How many times were the great inventors and business minds called weird for being different?

Yet weird and different can be practical too.

It’s not all airy fairy.

It’s not different for different’s sake.

There are effective tools to learn and simple yet dynamic systems to implement that can catapult an idea into a potent business.

Tools that ordinary businesses either aren’t aware of or have dismissed as being too out of the “norm”.

Two business leaders in the realm of Extraordinary:  Rachael O’Brien and Katherine Mckintosh that I’m lucky enough to be mentored by, share what the purpose of business is for them:

Rachael and Katherine have been creating businesses using these weirdly effective tools and systems for many years and here’s what they say about what the purpose of business is to them:

“The purpose of business is to have fun and to generate money. Having money is about being willing to allow money to be in your life in such a way that you always have it, and it contributes to the expansion of your life.”

As Katherine says in the video, for her the purpose of business is about:

“The Adventure! The fun! The Joy of Creating!”

And Rachael says that for her, business is about getting her voice out into the world and letting people know that there is a different choice:

“It’s not about sitting at a desk in a job that you hate!”

That there is more available to you in your life and business and these girls know a thing or two about embodying this fun, this joy, this adventure of business and creating in ways that work for you…instead of feeling trapped in a job that’s sucking the life out of you…

If you would like to discover tools of how you can create in ways that work for you, this one day class will give you the gift of your voice, the invitation for you to commit to you and create the business that you desire, one that will continue to gift to you more money than you can imagine…

Tools that support you to create outside of the Nay-sayers and “Expert” Sneerers, tools and simple systems that have your back and keep you on track to creating in ways that only you can, to bring your gifts to the world.

the purpose of business

Whether or not you choose to join us in London or Live Stream Online from anywhere in the world…whatever you do, don’t apply these tools to your business because you may just end up creating an awesome impact with your business on your money situation, changing the lives of your clients and dare I say… changing the world?!

Would you like to find out more?

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