How Did Access Consciousness The Bars Start?

Sometimes people ask about the origins of Access The Bars

How did Access Consciousness The Bars Start? Bars are 32 points on the head that when gently touched release negative thoughts, feelings and emotions in all areas of life.

A lot of the time people who come for a Bars session are happy to simply relax and receive this nurturing, dynamic treatment and occasionally people ask:


How did Access Bars start?

Where did they come from?

Are they based on acupressure points or meridian lines?

Gary Douglas is the founder of Access Consciousness and The Bars was the very first element of the now much larger movement which is practiced in over 173 countries around the world.

Here’s Gary Douglas and Shannon O’Hara talking about how Access Consciousness The Bars started over 20 years ago:

Shannon is one of Gary’s children and I love the relaxed, playful style of interview which might not have been possible with someone less familiar.

Questions are part of the foundations of Access Consciousness.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to put them in the comments, or ask me directly by clicking here.

Shannon goes on to question Gary deeper in two further videos regarding the beginnings and future of Access Consciousness:

This series of interviews about how Access Consciousness The Bars started were recorded over the holiday season at Gary’s home in Huston, Texas in January this year 2018.

I love the relaxed and gentle curiosity that Shannon brings to the interviews and the gentle teasing that an outside interviewer would not be able to pull off.

“Gary Douglas has felt defeated and crazy too. So whatever your vision is, never give up on it” Shannon

This is the third video where Shannon asks more questions about the origins of Access Bars and how Access Consciousness started.  Right through to questions about the future of Access, what the next step could be and where Gary sees Access Consciousness growing in to the future.

What more do Gary and Dr Dain Heer, (the co-creator of Access) desire for the movement?

Where do they see Access expanding to?

Gary says it’s about the “Willingness to do anything. Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Quit”

“If you change One Person dynamically, you change the world.” Gary

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The Magic Of Being In Allowance

The Space of Being in Allowance for Other People’s Choices

There are so many amazing tools in Access Conscious that have and continue to help me in every area of my life and I am hugely grateful for that.

The tool I’m going to talk about today is:

The Magic Of Being In Allowance of other people’s choices

I used to find it so easy to see where other people were getting it wrong.

I’d see what’s stopping them, what’s holding them back, what’s causing them pain and want to jump in and help them.

I’d want to take the pain away, remove the blockages – rip away boulders with my bare hands if necessary – so they could move more freely into where they said they wanted to go.

Especially when it came to my kids.

Even after they’d grown into independent adults, I’d still be doing my best to help them make the right choices.

If they ran out of money, I’d pay their way, lend them money I didn’t have and do my best to take away their pain.

That’s a mother’s job, isn’t it?

There was no question in my world.

When I went to my first Foundation Class and learnt about how everything is choice.

Even the crap that shows up.

And how no matter what is showing up in someone’s life, on some level they have chosen it.

My Noble intentions to save everyone in the world, I discovered, was making myself the saviour and them the helpless victim… otherwise known as Superior Bitch behaviour.

Me trying to take their problems away for them, no matter how noble my intentions (or how superior I was being) without their invitation or consent.. was not a contribution to them.

What if they weren’t wrong or broken for choosing what they’d chosen?

What if they’ve created it in their lives for a purpose that had nothing to do with me?

Often in the past I’d do everything I could to take away another person’s problem, even at great cost to me in time, health, energy or money (or all of the above)… only to discover they’d re-created the problem, pain or burden in a different way.

Whatever was showing up in their lives was theirs and it was also their choice to change it and choose beyond.

Not my business.

Not my problem.

Even if I cared deeply about them.

I had to learn about being in allowance of their choices.

Even if their choices led to illness and even death.

Their life. Their choice.

I could ask them questions.

I could invite them to a different possibility.

But I couldn’t be vested in the outcome.  I couldn’t make them choose what I wanted for them, what I thought was right for them.

I had to be in allowance of them and their choices.

It didn’t mean I had to like their choices.

It didn’t mean I had to stick around them or be a doormat while they made their choices.

All I had to do was be in allowance of their choices.

I had to let go of my judgement that they were making the wrong choice.

I had to let go of my judgement that they needed to make the right choice.

I had to let go of my projections and expectations of what I wanted for them or the so much more that I knew they were capable of.

I had to lower my barriers.

I had to stop resisting and reacting to their choices.

Or aligning and agreeing with everyone who made them wrong.

It was a totally different way of being for me.

At first being in allowance was haaard.

I wanted so much more for them than they seemed to want for themselves and it felt like I was abandoning them and being a bad person for not jumping in and helping.

It went against everything I’d always believed in to step back, let go of all of the above, hold the space of allowance and simply ask questions.

Yet in that space of allowance I discovered a strange kind of magic.

My being in allowance instead of trying to “fix” things was an honouring of them.

A recognition and acknowledgement that they had the power in their lives.

That they could use their power (choice) to stay as they were or change their situation, at any time and in any way they chose.

Being in Allowance created space for new possibilities.

Especially with my children.

It’s created a space of ease with my children where they get the sense that I really do have their back, regardless of what they choose.

They don’t have to get it right.

They don’t have to have or be or do anything that they think I think they should do.

No hidden agendas or underlying emotional blackmail. Totally unconditional relationship. Space of Allowance.

And it’s made my life easier too.

Now that I’m no longer trying to carry everyone else’s burdens and take on everyone’s problems, my life has lightened up and there’s room for more fun and laughter and more of me.

Especially when I’m willing to be in Allowance of me too.

How does it get any better than that?

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