What if you could reduce stress in your workplace and have your workforce become more focused and energised?

There is a therapeutic treatment that I offer called Access Bars which can do all of the above and more.

reducing stress

Me and my team are on a mission to share the therapeutic benefits of this gentle yet potent treatment, especially throughout the UK’s workplaces.

Helping people at work to reduce stress and so much more.

We offer to come into your office or place of work and give 10 minute taster sessions for free.

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Free “Beyond Mindfulness” Stress Reducing mini Head Massage.

This treatment melts away stress and tension, goes beyond Mindfulness and is a nurturing, empowering treatment that has been known to not only reduce stress, but also:

Improve clarity ~ focus ~ restful sleep among other things.


This treatment  is received by simply touching certain points on the head while fully clothed.  There is no need for oils or other fancy stuff. This makes it very practical to deliver in an office and work based environment. And a fabulous way to quickly and easily reduce stress.


How much more effective would your staff be if they could clear out the clutter from their mind, let their problems melt away and let go of stresses that may have been holding them back in the workplace?


I (or one of my team) come to your place of work for one day.

Your staff book themselves in for specific time slots throughout the day.

They receive a free 10min “taster” session.

They return to work with reduced stress, re-vitalised and feeling good.


You have less stressed, more productive staff.

You are seen to be a pro-active, forward thinking company that cares about your staff’s well being.

(Side effect: Your staff may also become happier, easier to get on with and take less days off sick.)

And then…

If THEY choose, each individual staff member can purchase further sessions of this restorative treatment to be taken in their own time.

If YOU choose I (or one of my therapists) could return on an arranged basis and deliver onsite paid treatments as required.

Reported benefits of this treatment include:

Fabulous information recall,

Reduced levels of stress, anxiety, depression and pain.

Increased energy levels

Increased levels of joy (but nobody wants that 😉)

Supportive benefits for staff members coping with life’s tough cookies like bereavement, personal traumas and PTSD.

Quick “on your feet” thinking

Confident decision making

What if you could Clear out all the clutter from your mind and relax into a space so nurturing, reduce stress and all tension melts away?

I’m only offering this

“Beyond Mindfulness” Stress Reducing mini Head Massage

for Free to the first 10 companies who say YES.

Call Niki now on 07985 999 765 to book in your Free Taster

“Beyond Mindfulness” Stress Reducing mini Head Massage.


Companies that have said “Yes” to enjoying this treat include:

Cobham Aviation Services

SEO Traffic Lab

Simple Lets Local…

Would you like your workplace to be next?