What is Global Foundation 2019?

What the bleep is global foundation 2019

What The Bleep is The Global Foundation? Dr Dain Heer talks to us here about the upcoming Global Foundation 2019… so what the Bleep is Global Foundation, Dain? This is what Dain says about this video: “What if it’s possible to change anything? What if you know something that no one else knows? What if […]

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What’s stopping you 2019

What's stopping you 2019

What would need to change for you to be unstoppable in 2019? I get it. Life can get in the way. But what’s stopping you really? At this time of year, are your thoughts floating off to those hopes and dreams that you’d really like to fulfill but haven’t… Is it OK if I get […]

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Less Stress This Christmas 3 Top Tools

less stress this christmas

Finding the festive season anything BUT merry? In this post I’ll share with you my top 3 tools for less stress this Christmas. If you follow them, you may even find yourself relaxing and having more fun than you previously thought possible! Whether you’re floating on a cloud of ease, looking forward to a joyful […]

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Extra Money For Christmas

extra 2000 for christmas

Could you Create an Extra £2,000 for Christmas?   If you’re thinking that some extra money for Christmas would be very handy, that’s what I was thinking too. And this is what I did about it: Project: Create an extra £2,000 within the next 24 days. Why 24 days? It’s 8th dec 2018 and I’m […]

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Kickstart Your Business

What if you could change any area of your business and money flows in just a couple of hours filled with tools and processes that will assist you to kickstart your business? Or give your existing business the lifeline it needs! Learn how to kick start your business in this short, fun course.   Even […]

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