What if you could clear out all the clutter from your mind and relax into a space so nurturing that all stress and tension melts away?


Niki Duffy

Hi, I’m Niki Duffy and I invite people to fresh new ways to bounce back from life’s challenges, reduce stress and have more fun.

It all started with a question:

“What else is possible?”

Have you ever looked at everything that’s showing up in your life and thought

“There’s got to be more to life than this?”

Whether you’re looking to reduce a sense of overwhelm and stress, whether you’re in physical or emotional pain or have an aching sense of lack of fulfillment and yearning for something else, something MORE…

I’m happy to tell you that you are in the right place!

Nurture Me

You can book yourself the opportunity to chat about or book yourself a fabulous Access Bars treatment by clicking HERE

Teach Me

Fancy learning this life changing therapy in a fun one day class?

CLICK HERE for details of my upcoming classes or Contact me here with your location if you’d like me to put on a class near you.

Reduce Stress in My Workplace

“Beyond Mindfulness” Stress Reducing for your workplace: Would you like to spread good will and reduce stress in your workplace?  Me and my team are happy to come to workplaces across the UK and offer free taster sessions onsite. Contact me here with your workplace location if you’d like to book your free onsite taster sessions.



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