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Extra Money For Christmas

extra 2000 for christmas

Could you Create an Extra £2,000 for Christmas?   If you’re thinking that some extra money for Christmas would be very handy, that’s what I was thinking too. And this is what I did about it: Project: Create an extra £2,000 within the next 24 days. Why 24 days? It’s 8th dec 2018 and I’m […]

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Whats The Purpose Of Your Business?

What is the purpose of business? Do you feel that your current business is a true reflection of the authentic you? That the purpose of business that you currently have, speaks to the essence of you?   Is the voice of your business what you desire people to hear, or is there huge gap to […]

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1 Pulling In Money

I often get asked about skills for Pulling In Money that I use to create more in my life. More money, more fun, more enjoyable travel and exploring, more of the things that I love to do and have in my life. I was chatting with my friend and colleague Mary Hassett around this subject […]

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Gratitude is Weird

What gratitude can I be today to create more for me and my money situation right away? Gratitude is a weird one. I get that it’s important to be grateful and I am grateful, SO so awesomely grateful at times… And then there’s the echoes of wrongness from my childhood. That elderly distant relative that […]

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1 Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring is in the air with blossoms in the trees and the sun bursting through in fresh and exciting ways giving me an irresistible urge to reach for the duster, the broom and the bin bags and get spring cleaning! What if you could Spring Clean Your Finances too? The song being played over the […]

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