Holding the Nurturing Energy space for you

A few days ago, whilst I was hosting an Access Bars therapy swap, I came to this amazing realisation during receiving my treatment.

I was lying on the massage table Blissing out and receiving this amazingly nurturing energy when at one point in the treatment as my friend was running my Bars*, I got to a wonderful Aha! Moment.

nurturing energy

I had the sense of this delicious nurturing energy surrounding me like a huge halo.

It was as if I were being energetically cradled in a space of:

Total safety
Total nurturing
Totally supported
Magically Mindful

That indescribable space where you know everything is going to be OK.

It’s a moment of truth, trust and oneness like when a fragile newborn baby nestles cosily into you with a contented sigh relaxing their delicate little body warm against you, their gentle “newborn” fragrance and soft rhythmic breath.

Such honesty. Such vulnerability. Such a sense of gratitude to be gifted so much trust.

nurturing energy bliss

It was BLISS to be in that space.

And as I lay there basking in it, soaking up the sunshine of that supportive sensation, I realised that this is what we offer our clients.

This nurturing space.
This supportive space.
This space of “Everything is going to be Okay”.

How safe and supported do you feel when you think about your finances?

Does it inspire a sense of peace, joy, relaxation?

Or do you find yourself in a more yucky space of fear, anxiety, of lack and panic…

Perhaps even that horrible gut wrenching space of “not enough”, a space where the monkey mind is constantly hissing “there’s not enough money, there’s not enough time…” that place of prodding away at a hidden underlying revolting secret… that’s hissing at you “You’re not enough!”

That’s what it used to be like for me around money.

I’d go to this horrendous place of “not enough” every time I thought about money.

un nurturing energy

I never seemed to have enough.

No matter how hard I worked, it seemed that as soon as it came in, it was already spoken for, already spent.

I would spend hours agonising, losing sleep night after night about how the hell I was going to pay this or find the money for that.

A punishing, torturous energy.

No fun at all.

And what I realised that I do for my clients is hold the space for them.

Hold that space of nurturing energy, of “everything’s going to be OK” energy, that space where they can breath and relax into the delicious possibilities of change.


When we are choosing to change something, that thing often holds a whole lot of negative charge on it. We’ve often decided that it’s wrong and terrible and we are wrong and terrible for having it like that in our lives.

The thought of changing it can make us apprehensive, nervous and resistant to even going there, fearful of what we may find. Fearful that it’s going to be far worse than we thought it would be.

So fearful that we’d rather hide, bury our head in the pillows like we did as a kid when a scary movie was on….

not nurturing energy

What if you could face it if you had someone there for you?

Someone holding a safe space for you, so that you could take a peek from behind the pillows and realise that it is OK to come out and take a fuller look.

Once we are willing to look at something, to see it as it is:

Not worse than it is

Not better than it is

Simply look at it as it is.

That is the key to change.

That is the key to changing the way that something is showing up in our lives into something greater, something more, something that’s fun for us.

Out of the torture, into the fun.

My job is holding the space for you, the space of safe, nurturing energy where you can look at whatever it is you’re desiring to change without going to that wrongness and terribleness.

Holding the space where you know that everything is going to be OK. The space of trust, vulnerability and gratitude. The space where like the newborn baby can snuggle contentedly, you can sigh at the relief of being held in this magical space.

One of the questions I ask when I’m with a client either in person, online or in a group is:

What energy, space and consciousness can I be to allow [ insert client’s desired outcome]  for you with total ease?

I have a space for you.

I invite you into the space of you.

fun nurturing energy

To accept my invitation, contact Niki HERE

What would it be like to have someone holding the space for you?

The space of nurturing energy, the space where you know everything’s OK, the space of ease and peace, fun and joy…

And whatever else you are asking for.

What could that create for you?

*What are Access Bars?
Which position of the Bars were being run when this happened? (Restructuring of Bodies)

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring is in the air with blossoms in the trees and the sun bursting through in fresh and exciting ways giving me an irresistible urge to reach for the duster, the broom and the bin bags and get spring cleaning!

What if you could Spring Clean Your Finances too?

The song being played over the loudspeaker system at my local shopping centre sparks this impromptu video about spring cleaning your finances and how that could be a contribution to you.

Money too tight to mention?

It’s a great idea to take a regular look at what you’re paying especially regular payments like Utilities and see where you can reduce them.

Perhaps by changing suppliers or double checking you’re on the best rate available.

Are you still using what you’re paying for?

Is there a magazine subscription or gym membership that you’re just not getting the most out of?

Perhaps you could stop paying out for stuff that’s no longer relevant…. or reignite your appreciation for it and start using it again to the max.

Just a simple phone call to a current supplier or a quick websearch to a comparison site could create more for you to keep in your wallet.

What fun could you have with this?

What are you paying out for that you don’t feel is adding value to your life?

What are you paying for that is a HUGE contribution to you and it’s nice to be reminded of the wonderful benefits that it is delivering to you and your life?

One of my favourite restaurants used to have a club membership where we would receive regular gift vouchers and exclusive offers and I loved being a part of that club!  I was happy to pay the membership and very much enjoyed the value that being a member brought to my life.

So it’s not about scrimping and saving.

It’s not about cutting back and reducing… it’s more about taking a look at your finances, shaking off the dust of some of the more unconscious outgoings.

Asking yourself some key questions:

What contribution is this to me?

Is my life more fun with this (product or service) or without it?

It’s about becoming more present with your money.

Appreciating and being grateful for all that is in your life.  Appreciating and being grateful for your ability to purchase that.

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring cleaning your finances is more about recognising when something no longer serves you and being willing to cut the chord, cancel the direct debit and re-direct your money into something that is more fun for you!

For more about Pulling In Money into your life CLICK HERE

Questions?  I LOVE questions! Ask me here