How Did Access Consciousness The Bars Start?

Sometimes people ask about the origins of Access The Bars

How did Access Consciousness The Bars Start? Bars are 32 points on the head that when gently touched release negative thoughts, feelings and emotions in all areas of life.

A lot of the time people who come for a Bars session are happy to simply relax and receive this nurturing, dynamic treatment and occasionally people ask:


How did Access Bars start?

Where did they come from?

Are they based on acupressure points or meridian lines?

Gary Douglas is the founder of Access Consciousness and The Bars was the very first element of the now much larger movement which is practiced in over 173 countries around the world.

Here’s Gary Douglas and Shannon O’Hara talking about how Access Consciousness The Bars started over 20 years ago:

Shannon is one of Gary’s children and I love the relaxed, playful style of interview which might not have been possible with someone less familiar.

Questions are part of the foundations of Access Consciousness.  If you have any questions about this, feel free to put them in the comments, or ask me directly by clicking here.

Shannon goes on to question Gary deeper in two further videos regarding the beginnings and future of Access Consciousness:

This series of interviews about how Access Consciousness The Bars started were recorded over the holiday season at Gary’s home in Huston, Texas in January this year 2018.

I love the relaxed and gentle curiosity that Shannon brings to the interviews and the gentle teasing that an outside interviewer would not be able to pull off.

“Gary Douglas has felt defeated and crazy too. So whatever your vision is, never give up on it” Shannon

This is the third video where Shannon asks more questions about the origins of Access Bars and how Access Consciousness started.  Right through to questions about the future of Access, what the next step could be and where Gary sees Access Consciousness growing in to the future.

What more do Gary and Dr Dain Heer, (the co-creator of Access) desire for the movement?

Where do they see Access expanding to?

Gary says it’s about the “Willingness to do anything. Never Give Up, Never Give In, Never Quit”

“If you change One Person dynamically, you change the world.” Gary

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