CREATE! More Time, More Money, More Joy

Based on the book Joy of Business, by Simone Milasas

What would it be like for you if you could CREATE! More Time, More Money, More Joy in your life?

This class is for you if you would like your life, your work, or your business to create something entirely different for yourself and for the planet.

Business or work – whatever you call it – is a huge force in the way we shape our lives.

Every day when you wake up, you have the choice to create your life or let it be created by the projections of this reality.

Your life is your business and your business is your life.

If you are stuck in a comfortable or conventional way of doing business or living your life that feels limited, it doesn’t have to be that way!

What if your life, living, work, and business could be creative and joyful?

It can be!

I’m hosting a new class full of questions and tools that will give you a totally different perspective on creating your life and your business.

It’s called CREATE! More Time, More Money, More Joy for a reason.

Which is more vital to you right now?

More Time?

More Money?

More Joy?

More Nurturing of you?

All of the above?

I used to slog away working harder and harder in ways that didn’t light me up.  Even if I was making plenty of money, it never FELT like I had enough.

Or I’d be so miserable in my work that the misery, frustration and irritability began oozing insipidly and stinking out every area of my life.

I’d find myself compensating with over spending, over drinking and digging my head into the sand so it felt like I couldn’t change it.

Have you ever done something like that?

Worse still, at different times in my business, work and life, there would be projects that I would pour my heart and soul into, trying to do them the “right” way, the way that the business gurus said… follow the systems….do things the way they were “supposed” to be done…

And NOT make any money…

Or have any time, or have any joy!

“Life’s just like that”

People would say.

“You’ve got to take the rough with the smooth, take more business courses, learn more about systems and business plans…”

…What if it didn’t have to be like that?

create more time more money more joy

What if business could be done different?

And not just business, LIFE!

A Business or project has it’s OWN way that it wants to develop

What does your business or project know about how it wants to be created?

Do you talk to your business, project, arty or written creation?

(Yes, I know it sounds pretty crazy and I wouldn’t recommend nattering away with your project out loud in a public place surrounded by people who may not understand…)

But what if you DID talk to your business, project, piece of art or writing?

What could it contribute to you, to its augmented creation that goes beyond what you previously thought could be possible?

Everything has consciousness, including your business or any project you are working on.

What if you could create more time, more money, more joy with consciousness?

Each business or project has a particular way in which it wishes to develop, and when you receive and are in allowance of that, it can be MUCH more successful.

And what if you talking to your business or project not only made it more successful, more profitable and meant that it completes faster, with more ease and FUN?

We explore all of this and MORE in this fun and pragmatic class.

What does your business or project know that you don’t?

create more time more money more joy

So what does it take to Create More Time, More Money, More Joy?

At the 2hr class, you will learn some great questions that could you ask your business or project that help it give you valuable information about how it wishes to be created.

What if your business or project could attract the best people to help with it’s creation?

What if it could attract the most ideal resources and situations that contribute in ways that you never even imagined could be possible?

Your business or project drawing to you whatever and whoever is required in order to grow and expand….how easy is that?

But is this class just for people who have a business that they want to grow?

Just for people who have a project that they need guidance with?


What if you created your whole life as if it was a fun and expanding business?

What if you were willing to create more time, more money and more joy in your life?

This class equips you to change and create in any area of your life and have fun doing it!

Don’t join us if you prefer to stay small.

Coming to this class will blast through anywhere you’ve previously felt boxed in.

Coming to this class will smash through any glass ceilings that have previously been imposed on you and your skills, talents and creativity.

Coming to this class will  give you ways to turn up the colour in your life, turn up the joy in your life, turn up the FUN and MONEY!

Coming to this class is a way of allowing all these wonderful things to flood into your life, shine through your business, sing out of your creative projects and beyond!

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How to Create your own facebook cover photo

Have you always wondered How to Create your own facebook cover photo for your Business page or Event?

I often get asked by people in my Holistic Business Mastermind Coaching group How to Create your own facebook cover photo for facebook events and business pages.
This is the text only which I changed the colour of and overlaid onto the picture of the coins during the video.
The great thing about this method is it’s free and the images you create can be used for any purposes.  You can choose to create an image any size that works for you including standard social media picture post sizes for sites like Instagram and Pinterest
This is an easy and free way to create your own graphics with or without text for your social media posts, leaflets and blogs.
So I created this step by step screen share video showing How to Create your own facebook cover photo for your event page. Watch over my shoulder as I create a graphic with text from scratch.

The site I get royalty free pictures from is
The site for creating the graphics is
This is a great website for creating your own designs so

this is the home page and as
you can see you’ve got different sizes
so if you wanted to make a Facebook post
it tells you their sizes and all the
different sizes if you wanted to do a picture for a different social media post or leaflet.

Canva gives you more choices
you can click on those you can also choose
custom dimensions but today I want to
make a Facebook event cover post so as
you saw I clicked on the one I wanted.

Then it takes me to the next
page which so these are all different
layouts and what I want to do is go down
to uploads so I use canva a lot and I
upload my own images so you can buy
images you can use some of theirs and
most of them you have to buy so I upload
my own from

This is the finished graphic created in the video

Have fun with it and let me know in the comments below or on my facebook page how you get on!
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