Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring is in the air with blossoms in the trees and the sun bursting through in fresh and exciting ways giving me an irresistible urge to reach for the duster, the broom and the bin bags and get spring cleaning!

What if you could Spring Clean Your Finances too?

The song being played over the loudspeaker system at my local shopping centre sparks this impromptu video about spring cleaning your finances and how that could be a contribution to you.

Money too tight to mention?

It’s a great idea to take a regular look at what you’re paying especially regular payments like Utilities and see where you can reduce them.

Perhaps by changing suppliers or double checking you’re on the best rate available.

Are you still using what you’re paying for?

Is there a magazine subscription or gym membership that you’re just not getting the most out of?

Perhaps you could stop paying out for stuff that’s no longer relevant…. or reignite your appreciation for it and start using it again to the max.

Just a simple phone call to a current supplier or a quick websearch to a comparison site could create more for you to keep in your wallet.

What fun could you have with this?

What are you paying out for that you don’t feel is adding value to your life?

What are you paying for that is a HUGE contribution to you and it’s nice to be reminded of the wonderful benefits that it is delivering to you and your life?

One of my favourite restaurants used to have a club membership where we would receive regular gift vouchers and exclusive offers and I loved being a part of that club!  I was happy to pay the membership and very much enjoyed the value that being a member brought to my life.

So it’s not about scrimping and saving.

It’s not about cutting back and reducing… it’s more about taking a look at your finances, shaking off the dust of some of the more unconscious outgoings.

Asking yourself some key questions:

What contribution is this to me?

Is my life more fun with this (product or service) or without it?

It’s about becoming more present with your money.

Appreciating and being grateful for all that is in your life.  Appreciating and being grateful for your ability to purchase that.

Spring Clean Your Finances

Spring cleaning your finances is more about recognising when something no longer serves you and being willing to cut the chord, cancel the direct debit and re-direct your money into something that is more fun for you!

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