If You Didn’t Have A Money Problem What Could You Choose?

Money Problem No More With Dain

If You Didn’t Have A Money Problem What Could You Choose?

What if money could be a fun tool for you, that wasn’t heavily laden, not labelled as a “Money Problem” but as something that made life easier, helped you have and do fun things more quickly and meant that you could help other people have more fun and more ease in their life too?

In this video, Dr Dain Heer attempts to get us out of the “Money Problem” mentality and instead of seeing money as a problem, to change the way we think about and function with money:

If you had a 100 million dollars, that renewed annually, what would you choose to create?

Now if that blows your mind, come along to my hotel room in Copenhagen, Denmark and explore this a bit more… Did you watch it?

Now, truth: what would YOU choose?

After you pay off your debts. And buy that house. And car. And give money to your favorite charities. And your favorite family members. And favorite friends. (Not in any particular order.)

After all of that, what would you choose?

What would you create if money were not the issue?


What would take you out of problems with money and into possibilities?

Imagine that, 100 Million Dollars.  Every year.

What would you choose, what would you buy, what would you create?

If you had no financial limitations, what would you choose?

Play with the possibilities of breaking down your financial paradigms. If you had 100 Million Dollars every, single year, you could never use “not enough money” as an excuse again.

If money wasn’t a problem, what would you choose?

There’s a brilliant book called “Money Isn’t The Problem, you are”  It’s written for people who live in a constant state of difficulty around money, to help get passed the blocks and get out of a “stuck” places to create more space for you  with money.

What could change for you in your life if money was not longer a problem for you?

Money Isn't The Problem You Are

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