Less Stress This Christmas 3 Top Tools

less stress this christmas

Finding the festive season anything BUT merry? In this post I’ll share with you my top 3 tools for less stress this Christmas.

If you follow them, you may even find yourself relaxing and having more fun than you previously thought possible!

Whether you’re floating on a cloud of ease, looking forward to a joyful holiday or whether the opposite is true for you right now, these are the 3 simple tools that I find especially valuable at this time of year:

1) Who Does It Belong To?

Feeling stressed and panicky for no apparent reason? Is it YOURS? It could well be that you’re simply picking up on all the craziness around you. If you’d like to experience less stress this Christmas, this is a quick and easy way:

Ask this question Who does it belong to?” – and breathe.


Then it’s not yours.

You can safely let that stressy no fun feeling go, return it from whence it came and choose for you.

Which brings me to my second top tool which is all about making a different choice.


2) Fill in the Blank: “If I wasn’t being …………. right now, what could I choose?”

If I wasn’t being cranky right now, what could I choose?

If I wasn’t being frustrated right now, what could I choose?

If I wasn’t panicking about money right now, what could I choose?

Just fill in the blank for you, and see what changes.

I’m loving playing with this question at the moment.

We’re hosting Christmas dinner this year and I found myself getting all uptight about how I wanted the dinner to be and frustrated with anyone who was trying to steer me to creating something different.

Then I realised how controlling I was trying to be and asked myself:

If I wasn’t being controlling right now, what could I choose?

That question made me laugh and everything eased up.

Anything that takes you out of cranky, funky, frustrated and other non enjoyable feelings is worth a shot!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.

3) All of Life Comes to Me with Ease Joy and Glory

When something’s “up” with you physically, you may go to the doctor and the doctor may well write out a prescription for you saying

“Take this twice in the morning and twice before bed”

Here is a prescription for less stress this Christmas. Say it 10 times in the morning and 10 times before bed:

“All of life comes to me with ease and joy and glory”

Glory being the exuberant expression of life.

What’s the worst that could happen? You’ve said 10 words 10 times. No big loss.

What’s the best that could happen? Your whole world lightens up.  You find yourself laughing more, smiling more, having more fun. You find things are randomly less hard than they used to be.

You don’t even have to believe it when you say it and unlike some other prescriptions, there’s no small print or warning saying “may cause headaches, dizziness and bleeding from the rectum”.

Go on, give it a go. I DARE you!

BONUS tool: get your bars run!

Maybe you’ve experienced Access Bars, maybe you haven’t. But even Santa would agree that Access Bars is a great way to relax and have less stress this Christmas.

Join me for some Access Bars fun here.

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