Self Critical Tendencies: What if you never Let yourself down?

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Have you ever been really self critical and hard on yourself, even if it’s over something relatively trivial? I know I have!  It wasn’t a lot of fun and worst of all, criticising myself didn’t change anything for the better.

What if you never Let yourself down?

Have you ever beaten yourself up over and over and show yourself no mercy? How’s being so Self Critical working out for you?

I know when I spent a lot of time and energy criticising myself it certainly wasn’t any fun.  And worst of all, it didn’t make me a better person, or stop me from doing the stuff I was beating myself up for!

What if you could be gentle with you. What if you could be nice to you? Kind to you? What might that create?

Letting go of being so Self Critical

Can it really be as simple as being willing to let go of being so Self Critical and making a different choice?


Every time you notice yourself starting to go into criticising yourself… and allow yourself the space to choose again. and choose again. and choose again.

How you can change self criticism in an instant:

  • Notice that you are doing it
  • Stop it!
  • Make a different Choice
  • Choose Again
  • Distract Yourself – make yourself laugh, change your physiology, etc
  • Say something kind to yourself

Be the friend on your side

What if you had yourself as a friend on your side instead of an angry, self critical maniac with a big stick? What if you could never let yourself down? If you let yourself come out of perfectionism, stop trying to get everything right or trying to “not get things wrong”… what space could you have for yourself?

What else could be possible for you?

Would you be willing to be kinder to yourself?

What fun can you have with this?


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