Kickstart Your Business

What if you could change any area of your business and money flows in just a couple of hours filled with tools and processes that will assist you to kickstart your business?

Or give your existing business the lifeline it needs!

kick start your business

Learn how to kick start your business in this short, fun course.


Even if all you have is just a great idea, this is a way to show you how to physically actualize that idea in this reality in a way that you can make money from it!


Kick starting your business is about so much more than just starting up.

What is this Kickstart Your Business Course and Who Created it?

“True leadership is knowing where you are heading and not allowing anyone to stop you. You have to know what you wish to create and business is one of the greatest ways to make that possible.

Simone Milasas created this course as a way for more people to have the joy, the success and experience the exuberance of what magic business can create in this world.

Simone explains more about it in this podcast:

  • It’s more about the energy you bring, not the number of qualifications
  • The staff you hire don’t have to become your friends
  • Asking questions and re-evaluating often is so important
  • Create your business as a choice, not a necessity
  • Take a class and learn how to kick start your business!


So why am I telling you about it?

This fun introductory class is being livestreamed over the internet from sunny Australia this Friday, 23rd November 2018 and I am hosting a “Live” in person presentation of it called a Party of Possibilities (POP for short).

The POP is a way to get together and join the class live via the magic of online and TV link up!

One of the great advantages of joining a POP with me is that we have a dedicated online assistant so we can get our questions answered live in the class and we get to share the experience with other like minded people.

I’ve also been working with Simone for the last 2 months, so have had the honour of learning directly from her and her team and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Simone in action!

Simone lives and breathes these tools.

She doesn’t just talk about them, or use the odd one here and there, she is a walking talking, money making shining example of creating fun and ease and JOY in business and in life.

Simone runs many successful businesses including her role as the world wide co-ordinator for one of the fastest growing multi-million dollar international companies: Access Consciousness

In this video Simone mentions the tools of Access Consciousness and her book Joy Of Business which is a fab read and I’d highly recommend.

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