Actualization With Ease

Actualization is about getting into action to allow things to show up as if by magic.  Magical Actualization with ease.

actualization with ease

The more you recognize that manifestation magic and that you create it, more of it can show up…….

How do you differentiate between creating and actualizing the stuff you really want to show up and the cr*p that you really DON’T want to show up but somehow keeps turning up uninvited time after time?

Learning To Trust Your Intuition

When you know, you know.

I love this clip.
It reminds me of what happens when I don’t follow my knowing, when I don’t follow my intuition…when I value someone else’s point of view over what in my gut I KNOW to be true…
That’s when I find myself flying headfirst into destruction with the signposts saying
“You Shoulda..
Your Knowing…”

What if in those “downfall” moments, you could choose again, follow your knowing… sprout wings and create a different possibility?

But what if you’re not sure quite how to follow your knowing…how to act on your intuition?

Perhaps you would like to CREATE more good stuff and have it showing up in your life FASTER?

Creation is the energy of planting a seed…

Actualization is about making it happen:

Actualization with Ease is about discovering the energies required to PUT INTO ACTION everything that will create that seed blossoming into possibility.

And being willing for it to be easy.

This isn’t about getting it right, getting it perfect, doing it the best way possible….it’s about getting it going!

Getting started creating and actualizing in ways that are fun for you.

What would YOU like to actualize today?

Every moment can open up the doorways to new possibilities.

So start.
Start the adventure.
See what happens.
Screw it up.
Make it fun.
Laugh it off.
And discover the playful possibilities that let you sprout wings when needed and of letting go of your wild control freak !

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